Key Issues

Corruption for the People

The Federal government works for cronies not for us. Jeremy will fight the cronies, but if the corrupt continue, he will use their corruption to enrich you. 

Let “Too Big to Fail” Fail

 Big corporations buy off Senators and Representatives and soon, they are picking your pockets, forcing you to buy their products and to prop them up when they fail to satisfy you.  What if you were too big to fail, and they could rob you and your family no longer?  Let small, lean companies serve you rather than ginormous companies serve the Federal Government.

Censor the Censors

The unholy marriage of Big Gov with Big Media, Big Tech, Big Academia try to indoctrinate us and to control our thoughts. What if instead of them censoring you, we censored them? Help Jeremy get these pests out of your mind.

Robin Hood

The Sheriff of Nottingham stole from the poor to give to his rich cronies.  Does that sound similar to what is being done to you? Fed up, a certain hood turned the tables on that fat sheriff.  Join Jeremy’s Band of Merry Men while we steal from those who stole from you, and return it all to you.

End the Big Conspiracies

Big Government is in bed with Big Pharma, Big Defense, Big Tech, Big Education, Big Bankers, Big Surveilance, Big energy, Big Agra. Jeremy will make New Hampshire citizens so big that these big bullies will stop messing up your life. 

Make Small Beautiful Again

The only thing Big Government protects is Big Business. By devolving government away from the Federal boys in DC and back to New Hampshire, we Granite Staters can end meddlesome Federal regulations from crushing our neighborhood businesses with regulations, paperwork, reports, inspections.

Prioritize Your Family Over DC
A big centralized, Federal government prioritizes crony interests over the interests of you and your family. You are sacrificed for Big Corp, Big Labor, Big Foreign Interests. By buying off Federal government, cronies insinuate their tentacles into every aspect of your life here in New Hampshire, stealing the product of your labor and controlling your body and associations.

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