Issues: Military and Foreign Policy

No More Wars

Cease needless fighting abroad. Save American and foreign lives.

    • Cease all American military involvement in Ukraine, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific, Europe, and elsewhere.
    • Call home all troops stationed abroad other than those defending embassies.
    • Stop acting as the world’s police, especially for free. If other countries want Americans to defend them, they can pay for it.
    • Never fight an offensive war. Only fight in a war that directly threatens the lives of American citizens. 

End Foreign Entanglements

Stop taking money from America’s poor for the foreign rich. Live and let live.

    • End all foreign aid. Return the money to the American people.
    • Cease any financial or military support of NATO or the United Nations.
    • Stop attempting to export American democracy. Let other countries live as they want to live. 

Eliminate Military Bloat

Return over $4,000 dollars to each tax payer by cutting unnecessary military spending.

    • Adopt a non-interventionist, defensive military posture.
    • Reduce the military to the size necessary to keep America safe.
    • Return over $4,000 per person in tax savings to the American people. 

Free Trade for Free People

Unrestricted exchanges bring peace and benefit the poor. 

    • Recognize that when goods don’t cross borders, armies will. No government-enforced sanctions on Russia or any other country.
    • No embargoes, no tariffs, no NAFTA, no WTO, no Jones Act, no government trade agreements. Just get out of the way.
    • Recognize that strong trade creates American jobs and more affordable goods for those in poverty. The route to good jobs in America is through better domestic policy, not restricting trade.
    • Maintain sovereignty. The United States should not put trade restrictions on other countries, but it should fight trade restrictions placed on ours.



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